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Part 71: Operational Report: 15/02/42

The O21 gets a confirmed hit on a troop carrier to the north of Borneo.

To the south, the S-37 hits another ship carrying troops, it seems that my hunch that the enemy are massing to invade Java is right, their just having to bring fresh troops down to replace the ones that TF111 took out over the last couple of days, maybe we've brought ourselves a few more days.

They also start to bombard the mainland from bases across the rest of the Dutch East Indies.

Somehow, the enemy have got a carrier into the area. They make a strike at the fleeing cruisers.

In Mersing, the last of our troops in Malaya surrender to the enemy today after a short bout of fighting.

Changsha's runway is decimated in the raids today, I'd be upset, if we had any planes in the area.

At Pucheng, our attack flounders. To prevent heavy losses, I'll stop the attack for now, to the north another Corps is moving in to support them, so we'll try again once these reinforcements have arrived.

Well, that was an exceptionally quiet day, but at least our forces are getting out of Java.

The enemy are taking their time before moving on Rangoon, and we have reports that they are planning for their attack rather than charging in.

The Invasion force has left Pearl Harbour.

That's an impressive sight.