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by Grey Hunter

Part 711: Operational Report: 17/11/43

Another Japanese sub spends its time shooting at my Canadian sub hunters.

We have a fantastic response to a Japanese raid over Cox's Bazar.

fantastic in numbers, but not in response – you lost how many planes? 14? and how many of them did you kill? None.
Get out of my sight.

Another Japanese attack is driven off from Marcus Island.

Shanghai is bombed once more, and we lose some planes and much more importantly, some supplies!

56,000 men blast their way out of Haichow. There was a reason I was using this unit to block the road.

The carriers hit Ponape, and really mess the place up.

Dammit, so no chance of strangling the Haichow forces. Then again, their splitting up again. Also, we lost over forty planes today, which is a real pain.

As someone mentioned in the thread, I transfer a large number of the 23rd Flight Group to training command – the remaining pilots are still good men. Anyone highlighted yellow is now training people- the air skill drops from 72 to 70, and all the replacements come in at 57 experience.
For some reason, I cannot move Wigglesworth to Training command, the British will not let their skilled pilots go home.