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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 713: Operational Report: 19/11/43

This is getting ridiculous, how many of these things are going to be reported as sunk? Also, what are they living on, assuming they were left behind when we took the island.

Is this some sort of naval joke on the island?

We also continue our bombing campaign.

I need to send some troops up here soon.

What is this? Random sub story day?

An unescorted raid over Akyab is seen off in good style.

The next eight raids are all level bomber attacks on the ships. None of them manage to land a hit.
At Rangoon, we blast through some of the defensive fortifications.

The air supply of Rangoon seems to be paying off, but I have no idea what happened with the subs today.
Also, note I now have political points, and will be spending them on bombers soon enough.