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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 716: Operational Report: 22/11/43

More troops arrive at Manus.

They turn the tide, we should be able to win this one quickly now.

Hollandia comes under attack once more, and the Japanese trade five or more planes for a single bomb on the runway.

to the south, at Vanimo, the Tanks have outrun the infantry, and come under attack, but the battered Japanese forces cannot deal with the small force, lacking any form of anti-tank weapons.

The ships at Akyab get some air support today, but it does them no good.

They then send in some level bombers, which of course do not hit.

The Express have another go, I may drop their bombing altitude to see if this is more effective.

The Japanese have totally abandoned Haichow, and we take it without a fight.

At Kiukaing, the Japanese have been cut off for months, but their forts and sheer numbers make our attack bloody. Time to bombard them for another year or so.

So Haichow is ours without a fight, time to send these troops north to link up with the Sinyang force, as we need more men to take on that huge army.
The Japanese lost a lot of planes today, but they made their losses count.