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by Grey Hunter

Part 718: Operational Report: 24/11/43

I've dropped the Express to 15,000 feet bombing hight, and today is the first test of it.

That's more this than any previous raid, and shows that I've been over cautious here.

And a submarine kill as well.

I hope the rest of the forces catch up at Vanimo, as I'm amazed that these tanks are holding out as well as they are.

While the Japanese at Manus make the most of the terrain there.

I make another attack at Rangoon, but will need to rest my men after this, I'm trying to crack these fortifications.

The Japanese bombers have been real quiet recently – no attacks in Burma beyond fighter sweeps over Rangoon. I'm expecting something bad.
Today's Nagasaki run netted up 56 points, not bad for a day.

I free up some more bombers and fighters and arrange for them to be shipped to Pearl. Because blowing stuff up is what I really need to be doing right now.