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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 72: Operational Report: 16/02/42

The O21 finds a damaged ship and gets two more fish into its belly. This should be enough to send it and its troops to the bottom.

The Emerald comes under attack, but none of the torpedoes come close to hitting her.

Two freighters on the far side of Java are not as lucky.

The carriers have moved around to the far side of Java, and send their flights north

The larger group hits the cruisers Emerald and Glasgow, striking both of them hard.

A second wave finishes off these two ships.

There is a small attack on Denpasar, unfortunately for them, this is where I'm moving most of the planes that I'm flying out of Soerabaja.

A squadron of Banshee dive bombers out of Port Moresby. But there are two squadrons of Zero's waiting for them, and the slaughter is horrible.

The invasion of Java has not been put back at all it seems, as troops land in Samarang and take the city, rapidly overwhelming the few local troops in the area.

The Snapper finds and hits a light freighter moving troops towards China.

I forgot to remove the shock attack from our forces at Pucheng.

And I'm glad I did, as the enemy are forced out of the area taking heavy losses. The south of China is now our best part of the theatre, and I intend to try and drag as many enemy troops into the area as possible.

The Japanese army, after halting for two weeks outside of Rangoon have finally advanced into the city, their arrival heralded by a heavy bombardment.

The Japanese are starting to take over the unguarded Ellice Islands.

They only used 400 troops, but its still another area to worry about.

Well, we lost a lot of resources today, the loss of Samarang leads to a large number of planes having to be blown up on the runway. We also lost a large number in the air, as well as several ships.

Beyond bookkeeping and moving fighters, there's not much more to do today.