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Part 720: Operational Report: 26/11/43

The Albacore comes under attack by a Japanese escort.

I really need to change these guys to hitting the ground troops.

The skies over Guam are filled with the sound of airplane engines.

Some of these are turned away, but many of them get through to their targets.

That's nine destroyed, seventeen damaged and the airfield hit, in exchange for two destroyed and eighteen damaged. A few more like this will turn things.

We also hits Ponape, this is then followed by a carrier strike, as I want to train up our pilots, and don't want my best assets sitting around doing nowt.

We continue to grind down the remaining Japanese at Manus.

At Kaifeng, our Sinyang forces comes under attack from one of the super-stacks. But we beat them back admirably.

That was some bomber attack, all we need now is some Shanghai Express action and we can have an air war day.
The other news is we are now less than 8,000 points behind the Japanese, and gaining on them by an average of 70-80 points a day.