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by Grey Hunter

Part 722: Operational Report: 28/11/43

Clunk! Dammit!

The Express go into action, and get several hits at the industry.

Ahh, ground bombardment, all the fun of the fair with no damage reports.

This looks a little sad, compared to the effort of a few days ago.

At least we do some damage to Ponape.

The Carriers hit them hard as well, this is going to wear down their supplies nicely.

The Japanese hit Akyab for the first time in several days, but at least those ships have left.

We do get a unescorted raid, which we deal some nice damage to.

Make that two raids.


The Japanese are hurting bad at Kiafeng., they try a bombardment attack and lose a unit.

That was a busier day, at least the combat was more spread out. The Express really seems to be coming into their own now, they have caused 150 points of damage in the last five days alone.

The supply situation in Rangoon is improving, as the air drops continue. Now to let their disruption decrease.

And here is a Rise of Flight video for anyone who is interested.