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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 723: Operational Report: 29/11/43

The Japanese take offence to me effectively bombing one of their cities, and try to take the Express out once more.

The Japanese apparently needed only one day of rest at Kaifeng before throwing away many more men.

More bombs fall at Biak, and I'm thinking about ordering them in low, as there is no threat in the area.

The bulk of our troops arrive at Vanimo, and send the enemy fleeing. I'll now retask these troops for the invasion of Biak.

The Express is over Nagasaki once more, but cannot get any hits today.

In Burma, our fighters turn back a group of Betties trying to mess up our tanks.

That's another base into our hands, and more Japanese killed. What I really want is a Japanese carrier however – or to render the 200 fighters at Gaum inoperable.