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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 731: Operational Report: 07/12/43

Clunk! Dammit!

They attack Howrah again, and we take some of them down.

The Japanese defences at Rangoon are finally coming apart quickly.

The Japanese attack the Shanghai port, and come in a little low.

We take another crack at Guam, but they are to numerous once more.

The Japanese repay our attack on Guam with one on Marcus Island, which we turn away easily.

Rangoon is down to one fortifications level, so it could fall soon, but I may have to rest my men first.
I'm organizing a couple of invasions near Rabaul, hopefully I can add Wolape and Ponape to my haul soon.

So, as already mentioned, this thread is 2 years old today! As promised here is my revised plans for the winning of the war.

Operation Beautify

This is the plan to clean up the lines, mainly by taking out a few bypassed islands. These are not worth much, but should all be starved easy targets, and this will pacify the Pretty Borders crowd.

Operation Chonmage

Or Operation Topknot. The area of Japanese territory in the far north reminded me of the Samurai’s topknot haircut.

Here is plan to cut it off, and attempt to use this as an alternate route to get my bombers into range of mainland Japan. While I expect many of these bases to be heavily fortified, they should be lightly garrisoned.

Operation Backdoor

This one is forced upon me by the heavily fortified island of Guam – I plan to retake the Philippines, secure a supply route to China and cut the Japanese empire in two. This will then allow Me to starve out the remaining troops and end the war.

A combination of these plans should see me through. What are peoples thoughts?