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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 732: Operational Report: 08/12/43

Another day of air combat over Akyab.

The Japanese also continue to hit random small scale targets. All this does is burn supplies they are short on.

The last fortifications fall at Rangoon, but there are few casualties, and we need to rest once more. I'll hit them once more tomorrow, and if this is not going to end quickly, I'll go back into another rest cycle.

Another bombing run going in to Baik.

The Japanese launch a major assault at Kiafeng, using over 77,000 men.

They take heavy losses, as do we – but two one in numbers and nearly a third extra in squads, but can we take many more of these attacks?

So I'm loading troops for the invasion of Baker Island as part of Operation Beautify. I'm also putting men into boats to invade the Aleutian islands as part of Topknot.
We jump 200 points on the Japanese, which always makes me happy. Rangoon would make be happier.

Comstar posted:

Now that Gray Hunter has signed up Goonbowl 6 I expect all his players to be named after ships sunk from this thread. Bonus points if one of his players is named Enterprise and someone else kills it.

Yes, but which team should I use?