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by Grey Hunter

Part 733: Operational Report: 09/12/43

Shanghai is hit once more, no runway repairs for us.

There Japanese continue to bomb Akyab, for no other reason than to give me something to write about I feel.

Its defiantly time to rest up the attackers at Rangoon.

The attack on Guam goes in with more planes than before, but manages to at least get a few hits in.

The landings at Woleai begin, and the Japanese respond with over forty Kates and Jills. This is why I have cancelled the assault on Gaum.

As the ships go down, the Aussies we put ashore surrender to the enemy. Annoyingly, we could have taken the island if more men had been put ashore.

That was something of a disaster. Two units and five ships lost in a failed invasion. I'm defiantly not going to be assaulting near there any time soon. We also lose 400 points on the enemy as the base points drops rapidly.

Lets hope the other invasions go better than that....

Add to this a bonus Rise of Flight Sortie
If anyone still cares about it beyond me.