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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 735: Operational Report: 11/12/43

A Japanese sub is caught off Ceylon. It elects not to use its weapons. We do not repay the favour.

The continues battle for the air over Akyab continues.

The Japanese pay another visit to Shanghai. I do wish that they would stop.

We take two undefended bases today, Kweitah and Tsinan.

The Betties hit the ships that have arrived to collect the troops for the invasion of Biak, they get one hit in, but I think they get lucky.

The next wave loses two thirds of its number.

The carriers are further north, and hit Sorong, which seems to have some more dangerous Kates on it.

The Japanese have lost two more bases, which is always good. I increase the CAP level at Hollandia, now that those ships are there, I'm going to need every plane I can into the air.