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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 737: Operational Report: 13/12/43

Maybe I was wrong about the worst being over.

This raid hits Ambon airfield over the tasty ships sitting there.

The defenders of Ponape fight hard, and inflict equal casualties on us, but lose a quarter of their force doing so – this is not a battle that they can win, despite being dug in well.

The Japanese mix things up a bit with a massed fighter sweep over Cox's Bazar.

A Japanese force made up of two divisions and support tries to reopen the supply lines to their northern Burmese forces. But out boys hold out, despite being outnumbered and out gunned.

In the few days I've been resting the Rangoon forces, the Japanese have put up another two levels of fortifications – I really cannot give my men a break.

Shanghai gets another visit from the Japanese. I would really like to report more success from the Express, but its not going to happen.

There is another shock attack at Kaifeng, and while we lose more men, they lose a hell of a lot of squads.

The Japanese defenders of Tsinan arrive a little late, and are stopped by our soldiers.

Well, that was an action filled day, things are heating up once more, and lets hope they continue to go our way.
Annoyingly, I figured out why I had no political points – I had to send most of my transport planes in India home. Supplies in Rangoon are about to get even shorter. I need political points though, so it had to be done.