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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 739: Operational Report: 15/12/43

Operation Beautify takes another step towards completion as we land troops at Baker island.

Heavy fortifications are the only thing that prevents us from taking the island.

The Japanese bomb Wuchang for a change today.

The meatgrinder at Kaifeng continues along.

The assault on Tsinan is beaten back as well.

The carriers take the long way home, but continue to bomb Ambon.

Ponape falls to our men today, and only cleaning up remains.

Deep in Burma, the Japanese try and open up the supply lines once more.

The battle for Rangoon continues. It does look like I'm reducing the Japanese troop numbers now – they have dropped below 10,000 today.

So another base falls into my hands, and another island looks like its going to fall soon. Things are defiantly heating up as the year ends.
77 operational losses means Ponape was packed with planes, and we gain another 400 points on the Japanese in one day! This leaves us 7,100 behind them, and gaining nicely.

I also get some more air supply going into Rangoon.