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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 741: Operational Report: 17/12/43

Our subs are having a good time off Japan at the moment.

The Japanese raid on the other side of Calcutta today.

I've stepped down to Deliberate attacks in Rangoon, but it goes poorly today.

We also have mixed results in Mandalay.

On the way back the carriers make some ineffectual attacks on shipping.

And waste time on Biak.

We continue to clean up on Ponape, attrition takes care of the remaining troops.

The Japanese hit Kiafeng once more, and one of my weaker units collapses.

We take Baker Island, and wipe out the two defending units.

A good day, we take another island, and have begun to land troops in the Aleutian Islands. The jump in points takes us within 7,000 points of the Japanese, the rate of gain is increasing now, and it can only be good.
I also get this.

Glug glug glug......