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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 744: Operational Report: 20/12/43

The Bonefish hits a Japanese cargo ship hard.

Once more the defenders of the west coast hit a Japanese sub.

There is another deep raid into India.

They also hit Akyab again, and we come out on top with the enemy taking heavy losses.

This leave our planes low on fuel and ammo for the next wave, but they still give it a good go!

After much bitching, I try to reopen the Burma road once more.

Shanghai is bombed once more.

The Japanese make another attack on Kaifeng, and lose men in droves.

Well, I may need to move men out of Rangoon to open the road, but I'll give the attackers there a bit more time before I do so.
Annoyingly, our base points drop massively, and we lose over 300 points on the Japanese – we;re now back to trailing by over seven thousand points.

Dammit. Sorry not a good day yesterday, but once more, I stand by the technicality that its still the 20th somewhere.
What's this, five to ten near misses in two years?