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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 749: Operational Report: 25/12/43

The Barb seems to have the worst captain ever.

The Japanese apparently have the range to hit Madras, but our flak deals with them effectively.

They also must up another fairly large raid on Akyab.

We then get the planes into the air to drive off the next wave.

The carriers get a little close to Pelelu, and come under attack – the CAP means only one plane gets within sight of the larger ships however, and that misses. This attack costs the Japanese dear.

We then savage the Katori.

The Japanese response is to send in some Kates, but I watch as all six are shot down by our planes.

They then send in the Helens again in the afternoon, but that ends poorly for them.

They go for Hollandia, but once more our fighters deal with them well enough.

Well, that was a nerve wracking day for me, but it ended well. There were no hits on our ships, and we took down a total of seventy seven enemy panes for the loss of seven of our own – three of these being operational losses!

Thats what I like in a Xmas present.

What this has shown is that Peleliu may well be takeable, as I can send in even more planes, and will be able to support from New Guinea once I have taken those bases.