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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 757: Operational Report: 02/01/44

These thrice dammed Japanese subs!

Our bombers go deep into Burma once more, to soften up the enemy there.

The Japanese focus on hitting Akyab again.

We smash through the Mandalay defences twice today!

The attempted to open the Burma road goes poorly. I may well need to rest these troops.

The Japanese make an assault on our men on Jaluit.

We then counter attack, but with little effect.

There is some minor fighting in Hanoi today.

We then send the Japanese forces in Tsinan fleeing. Time to march on Tsingtao!

We are pushing the Japanese hard now, and their going to have to break somewhere. The 16 planes destroyed on the field today were planes on the ship torpedoed off the coast of India.