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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 762: Operational Report: 07/01/44

Our bombers continue to be active.

Akyab is as Akyab is.

I order a shock attack to open the Burma road – tis time to rest up and not do that again.

At Mandalay, I would love to rest our men, but our men are just doing so well at the moment!

I also order an attack at Rangoon to make sure the Japanese there know they have not been forgotten.

The carriers continue their work in the north of New Guinea.

They take out another escort ship with extreme prejudice.

Then its back to softening up Sorong, to which the invasion force is already on the way.

Up in the north, we're in for a long cold battle.

There are a couple of invasion forces preparing for assaults in New Guinea. I'm also sneding more troops north to try and take another island.