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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 763: Operational Report: 08/01/44

Oh baby, this is how I like to start the day!

You all know what is happening over Akyab.



The grinding attacks at Mandalay continues.

You can just see my invasion force sneaking in here.

So do the Japanese, and apparently the orders for Kamikaze attacks have gone out worldwide today.

We take out a heavily loaded patrol boat.

And damage another one in port.

The Japanese throw themselves at us at Kaifeng.

Time to rest the men at Kiska.

I want to sum today up with one picture.

Their first entrance to the war is very effective.

At least the Valiant is made of sterner stuff. The invasion will continue, we cannot turn back, and there must now be many less Betties in the area.

I need to have a rest now, that was a surprise.