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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 769: Operational Report: 14/01/44

There is a night raid on Hong Kong, but I'm not sure why.

They then hit Shanghai, its apparently bomb China day.

Our forces retreating out of Indochina come under attack once more.

The battles of Akyab start up once more.

The scouting of Iwo-Jima continues, its looking good for an invasion.

They have a strong fighter presence, but no bombers from the look of it, we do take out a supply ship.

The Japanese carriers attack Baker Island once more, I've moved off a lot of the subs, but I want the others in the region to actually do something.

We take Biak, but still have to clear out the remaining defenders.

So there are carriers and useless subs everywhere. Taking Biak allows me to move on to the next target. I'm moving ships to Hollandia to move all the support crews from there north to the new conquest.