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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 772: Operational Report: 17/01/44

I love to see the day start with a tanker kill.

The Shad does come around and makes sure the job is well done.

The Express gets a few planes into the air, but no hits today either.

The fighters I sent up to Biak are not in the air yet, maybe its damage tot he runway, maybe its lack of supplies, but the Japanese get another Kamikaze hit in today.

The Japanese doe like to ram my Battleship.

We wipe out the last defenders of Biak.

The fighting in Indochina continues.

While the Japanese trade heavy losses for a destroyed unit at Kaifeng.

Topnot continues, its going to be slow going, but once I switch the leaders out it should speed up.

You can see the next invasion force going in to the east.

The enemy on the Burma road are really suffering now, they should break soon enough.

No carrier actions today, its all a little dull, barring my ever expanding conquests. The Japanese base points drop a whole load today, and we are now in striking distance of being 5,000 points behind the Japanese.

I did find out why my planes are not taking off at Biak – It seems I was a little overenthusiastic in softening up the place.