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Part 775: Operational Report: 20/01/44

Boom! I always like a sub kill to start the day.

The Japanese carriers continue to raid Baker Island.

China has been quiet for a while, but they Japanese mount an attack on Kiafeng today.

We take another crack at the Burma road, but now its time to rest. After that, I shall try rotating our men as people keep bitching at me to do.

A quiet day, with little change in the scores. I do have a little confession to make.

I ballsed up the fuel, and these ships are taking systems damage because of it. The resupply convoy will the there tomorrow, but its time to send all these ships back to Pearl. They need to replace their squadrons, repair their damage, and the Saratoga is due an upgrade.

Not that I'm leaving the area completely on its own. Look ma! A battleship!