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Part 776: Operational Report: 21/01/44

Insert obligatory unfunny joke about Dwane Johnstone in the kitchen here.

I can rely on the Shad to get me some kills. This ignores the two duds that also hit.

Dammit, some of my destroyer Captains were asleep again.

The airfield at Biak has been repaired to a state that allows us to bomb the Kamikaze base at Ambon.

There are also a couple of Swordfish in the area, but they cannot get any hits.

The Japanese have been quiet over Akyab for a while, but the Japanese are back today.

At least our planes wake up for the next raid.

We have a fantastic day in Kiafeng, lets hope the Japanese make a few more attacks like that.

A sub heavy day, but at least the carriers are now repaired.

I have something interesting from the sigint report.

The Japanese have 17,000 men on Iwo-jima. Which is now number one on my hit list.