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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 780: Operational Report: 25/01/44

I'm really nailing the large Japanese tankers at the moment.

The Express then sneaks in and gets another hit on the enemy industry.

The Japanese bomb Marcus Island, and I must remember to plot my invasion forces north of here.

Their carriers are on the way out, bombing Tarawa as they go. I would love to catch them low on sorties and fuel.

Over Akyab, we have a normal day of areal dogfights.

The Japanese in Rangoon make a suicide attack.

The bombing of Ambon gets more and more efficient as the runway gets better repaired.

The bombing of Guam is a lot more costly today, but at least we're hitting the enemy runway. A couple more days of this and we should be able to level the place unopposed.

A day of bombing runs really, but bombing runs will win me the war in the end.