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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 782: Operational Report: 27/01/44

Another of our subs tries for the Japanese carriers, but misses its chance.

They are still hanging around though.

Marcus Island is hit again, with more heavy losses on the ground.

I've moved some more fighters into the Akyab area, but so far, only these Spitfires make an appearance.

More bombs fall on Ambon's runway.

The attacks on Guam are still ineffective, and the Japanese are getting more and more planes into the air. One more day and I shall call these off until more planes are repaired.

There is another disastrous attack on Kaifeng by the enemy.

Another day of the Japanese hanging around Baker Island. I have carriers speeding towards them, and all the time they are wearing down their own ability to fight. If I can catch them, then Baker Island will be the swansong of the Japanese carrier fleet.

Depending on speed and movement, tomorrow could be a very interesting day.