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Part 784: Operational Report: 29/01/44

Can you tell that I've taken manual control of my subs?

Can you?

The bombing of Marcus Island is getting annoying now.

Around the Marianas Islands, the Enterprise and crew go into action!

One of these hits is the Zuikaku's Radar dish. That will be a massive pain for them.

From the task force that engaged the enemy yesterday, only one plane reaches the Kaga
The Japanese can only get a few of their own planes into the air today.

In the afternoon, the Zuikaku cannot even get a CAP up, and pays for it.

Akyab continues as normal.

Two Japanese Divisions get behind our units and take Magwe back without a fight.

Our forces have arrived in Tsingtao, and should be able to clear out the enemy forthwith.

A dam good day, did you notice the lack of enemy attacks? We've taken the teeth of the Japanese forces, and now I need to force my fist down their throat!
Oddly enough, I lost a few points today. That should fix itself in the coming months.

For anyone interested, I'm having another crack at Rise of Flight - this time, with a German plane.