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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 785: Operational Report: 30/01/44

Another oiler! I should have really noticed that mass of submarines before.

I mean, they are dropping like flies.

This is three in one day.

The two carrier forces run into each other in the dead of night. They look like a healthy bunch, don't they!

This does mean they are easy to find the next day, and the burning Zuikaku is ignored in favour of the thrice dammed Hiei.

There are some more attacks over Akyab.

We lose Pegu as the forces landed in Burma move out to open up their own supply line.

Two bombers to Guam? That seems a little stupid.

That's a bit better.

That was a bit of a mixed day – a dam good showing near the Marshall Islands , but we're backsliding in Burma. I need to get more troops into the area – but then again, I need more troops everywhere!