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Part 787: Operational Report: 01/02/44

The Biak invasion force has finally loaded themselves and moved across the channel to invade the next target.

You can see the Sorong Invasion force moving in as well, as our Swordfish make use of themselves.

As soon as I mention them, the Japanese spot the fleet.

I am making sure the Kamikazes are not active.

This is one of those daily events I'm still not tired of reporting.

Dammit! Get some planes into the air!

The Japanese throw another attack at Kaifeng.

We continue to try and clear those troops from the Burma road.

Troops going ashore for a new invasion, that's always good. We gain another 270 points. 4,600 points to go.

That seems like a good time to cut to the....

As I mentioned, we have been gaining on the Japanese rapidly the last couple of months.

The Japanese empire continues to shrink, and is much smaller than its largest extent.

Ground losses continue to mount, with both sides losing near nine hundred points – but the Japanese lost 80 more than we did.

In the air, this has been a bad month for both sides, we lost 777 planes, and the Japanese 740. of course, nearly a quarter of them come from the Battle of Baker Island.

On the high seas, we lost fifteen craft of all types in the last month, and the Japanese forty.

Points wise, that totals 195 points lost or us, and 470 for the Japanese. This is not counting any Carrier kills.
Finally, the last graph shows the difference in score over the course of the game.