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by Grey Hunter

Part 789: Operational Report: 03/02/44

This seems like overkill.

The Sorong Invasion force is attacked. This is the only hit however.

The Dive bombers hit a transport of Babo.

The battle for Sorong goes poorly.

But we take Noemfoor, we need to clean up the area, but we can move on now.

The Japanese carriers are heading back to Japan, via Wake and the supply ship there.

Further south, the other group finds the Arizona, who is chugging her way home.

In fact, the Japanese seem intent on making up for the drubbing I gave them around the Marshalls.

There is another bloody day at Kaifeng.

That's another base taken, and another battleship consigned to the depths. Its been a while since I lost one, and I never really expected the Arizona to make it back with the damage she had suffered.

Ah well, at least we got the Tone, apparently.

The Japanese want to attack Mandalay, but I currently have two Divisions there. That ones going to go well.