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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 792: Operational Report: 06/02/44

The Japanese start to react to my increased sub presence.

The Golet has no luck it seems.

The invasion of Paramushiro-jima contines, and should not be a long one.

There is a night raid on Shanghai, which does moderate amounts of damage.

We continue to attack Tsingtao, but its slow work.

I've taken a load of planes off Marcus Island, but it still looks like I need to try and get some more off.

Our bombers sneak through the fighters at Gaum and do some damage to the airfield there.

The Japanese have some troops deep in Burma, and one of our small units runs into them.

There is a brutal day on the Burma road as the men from Rangoon rejoin the main force.

Well, things are going well for Topknot it seems – no Kamikaze attacks at this range! The other carriers are now back, so we have 15 days before the loading of troops for the Invasion of Iwo Jima.

I wish Intelligence would make up their minds.