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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 798: Operational Report: 12/02/44

The Japanese continue to waste a Cruiser in Japan. Then again, it is much safer here.

Shanghai is bombed once more. The Japanese are really defensive about their homeland, aren't they.

They then throw away a hell of a lot of Squads in China.

The Helens come in over Ambon, but they don't crash into my ships!

The Tone is still alive it seems.

We continue to hit Peleliu.

The troops on Ambon get to work, clearing out the Japanese fortifications.

The battles over Akyab continue, but neither side is accomplishing anything.

A better day, none of my ships sunk – I assume all the Kamikaze units are waiting for new planes to crash into my ships.

The Valiant is not going to be out of action for to long a time, which is good. I shall need her to collect more samples of Japanese planes.