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Part 80: Operational Report: 24/02/42

The I-15 is hunting off Port Moresby, fortunately, this is just a supply ship and nothing important like troops or planes.

She then makes a surface attack on another ship, and gets 33 hits on her, before slipping off into the night.

The Skipjack takes on a Japanese troop carrier off Borneo, but has to surface to make her attack, and takes a hit from the deck gun of the ship.

Soerabaja comes under attack, but the only damage is the loss of a plane.

Then the carrier planes come in, and the De Ruyter, the only warship of value left in the port, and then only because she was to badly damaged to sail, takes another hit.

More ships arrive at Kwajalien and engage the coastal fortress, they have more success after being joined by the big guns of the Idaho, but still take hits from the heavy fire of the Fortress.

The enemy make an attack on one of the carriers, but the planes are turned back by the CAP after losing a plane.

An afternoon attack by three planes is also beaten off by the Buffalos defending the valuable ship.

Moving all our troops to Kwajalein allows us to make some ground today, even if it is at the cost of heavy losses, we no have a good number of troops on the ground, and more still on the boats waiting to be unloaded.

At Wotje, The last fifty men surrender to the Japanese, our attack here has failed.

The air raids on Bataan now seem to come every other day, but they are still causing some damage to the facilities there.

On the ground, the enemy make a push, and take some ground and inflict some losses on us.

The remaining attackers of Kaifeng are rounded up today by the Japanese army, and only a few of the 15,000 men fight. With 100,000 men attacking, there is little chance of the defenders putting up much resistance.

Yet another deliberate attack on Rangoon leads to more heavy casualties amongst the attackers.

The Japanese army are not only advancing on Rangoon though, as we lose one of our airbases to the north.

Another day of heavy losses as our attacks in the Marshall Islands have passed Plan A (The meticulously detailed plan that just won't work) into Plan B (The plan you throw together once Plan A falls apart) and is rapidly approaching Plan C (Its all gone wrong. Kill Everything.)

You'd be amazed how often I have to resort to Plan C in my day to day work.

I'm not sure what the 60 operational losses are, unless they are from the loss of Toungoo and the planes stationed there.

Intel tell us they are planning to continue this strike north, just as well I've been reinforcing Chittagong just in case Rangoon falls.