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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 812: Operational Report: 26/02/44

There is a night attack on Prome, but it makes little difference to an unused airfield. Hey that's a thought, what would happen if I put a few planes here?

They have less fighters in the air, but our planes seem to have a bad day.

I mean, this is pathetic!

South of Prome, the dammed Japanese continue to hang in.

This is a big tanker today, lets hope she was full of fuel.

There is another attack on Shanghai, but targeting the defending troops rather than the runway.

At KIAfeng, the bloody fighting continues.

We have a fairly good day at Ambon, I still think we can take this island.

The Task forces are moving across the sea.

I am loading another force out of Rabaul to hit one of the southern islands in the DEI.

Saumlaki will be mine!

17,000 men await us on Iwo, If I can trust intelligence.