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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 816: Operational Report: 01/03/44

We have another good day over Akyab.

We finally clear the road, and continue south!

Time to switch to hitting the troops here in preparation for the invasion.

Ambon is going to be mine very soon.

KIAfeng continues its bloodly path.

A fairly quiet day, but things are moving along. We're now only 3991 points behind the Japanese, and the rate of gain is about 70 points a day. With the occasional jump.

Its Graph Time! And it looks like google docs has updated itself for the third time since I started the LP.

We're gaining on the Japanese rapidly now. Five hundred points in this short month, and one that started with a débâcle at Ambon. Event hough we've taken no bases nor seem much change in the base points.

Ground losses continue to move on at relatively even paces, we killed 81 points more than we lost this month, but this will not change the even losses.

We did take out 120 more planes than we lost though, which is about par.

Ambon did not cost us to heavily. We lost 19 planes to the Japanese 15 for the month. Points wise, we actually came off better than the Japanese, they lost 620 points to our own 540.

So, things went well this month, even when the seem to be going horribly. Of course, I know I could be doing better, but hey, where would the fun be in that?