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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 820: Operational Report: 05/03/44

The first fighter sweeps find no planes on Chichi-jima, and a good number on Iwo.

They also have some Kates, but their own attack costs them most of the planes involved.

I then start to suppress the airfields.

Of course, their real targets are any ships in the region. These are leaded with fuel for some reason.

Over Iwo, the heavier fighter cover and lack of my own fighters costs me a number of planes, but the damage done is worth it.

The other carrier group focuses on the airfields.

Their afternoon attack on the ships at Chichi-jima find only two, many of the ones hit in the morning must have already sunk.

I also forgot to retarget the bombers in the north.

I've sent the Illustrious to Saumlaki to protect the invasion force, but they were not supposed to go this far north!

We continue to soften up the target.

The Ambon battle continues along.

The Japanese throw away another five thousand men in KIAfeng.

Well, day one has gone well, lets see how the Japanese respond tomorrow. I'll have two days or so to remove any fighter threat before the Invasion force arrives.

Only three of the kills are confirmed today.