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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 821: Operational Report: 06/03/44

We continue operations to reduce Japanese fighter cover in the Bonin Islands.

I pounce on a fleeing patrol boat, who must have picked up survivors from yesterdays attacks.

A destroyer is also hit, but most of the ships seem to have “mysteriously” disappeared.

I also lay into the airfields.

The Japanese favour Prome over Akyab once more.


Time to rest up the Ambon troops.

Ahh, that's better, I was having tanker kill withdrawals.

China sees the normal wave of death.

The Bonin's were less of a kill zone today, but also the Japanese fighter reserves are much much smaller. Another day or two of this will have them dealt with, and we have already suppressed their bomber capabilities.
No more ship kills reported makes me sad.