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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 822: Operational Report: 07/03/44

A Japanese sub tries to sneak up on one of the carrier groups, and pays for it.

Iwo still has some Zero's, but all of their other planes seem grounded.

Of course, we continue to level the airfields and attrit their supplies.

This is of course as well as picking off any ships we find.

The northern bombers are growing in number, but their aim really needs fixing. At least Zero's don't seem to be a problem.

A night attack on Truk causes some damage to the planes there, and is very effective for the small number of bombers used.

We continue to bomb Saumlaki.

The Japanese definetly have shifted their attacks form Akyab to Prome. Lets hope I can patch up the runway and shift my fighters south.

In China, the Japanese lose more men, fewer in number, but a lot of destroyed squads.

So far things are looking good for Iwo-jima. You guys are going to look really stupid if I pull this off without a hitch.

Then again, visa-versa also works.