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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 824: Operational Report: 09/03/44

We continue to unload troops at Saumlaki.

The Queen Elizabeth becomes the next target of Japanese kamikazes.

We continue to damage the Japanese forces on the ground.

At Ambon, we start up the attacks again. The Japanese attack first, then we counter attack.

The Japanese make another attack at KIAfeng.

We hit another tanker.

The Japanese make a number of strikes on and around Prome, but cause little damage.

We find and sink another ship in the Bonin island region.

We find another and hit her hard. I'm ignoring the ten or so fighter sweeps.

We do strike the airfields, and you can see the first invasion force moving in.

Well, the Invasion forces in the Bonins should be arriving any day now. For those of you worried about out latest battleship, here is here damage report.

See, not to bad.