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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 825: Operational Report: 10/03/44

The Invasion of Iwo-jima begins, and we take no ship damage from the frantic but inaccurate fire from the shore. We do take losses on the beachhead however, but nothing more than I would expect.

Our carriers are now in position to intercept shipping around Japan.

Even the fighters are getting in on the act now.

Of course, bombs are a little more effective.

The Japanese make a strike for one of our carrier groups, but the CAP sees the enemy off with heavy losses.

We've not seen these guys before, have we?

Their conventional attacks on our carriers make me less worried than the kamikazes.

We continue to play havoc with the Japanese shipping through this.

I really don't think the Japanese were expecting me to do this.

Of course, amongst all this we get another tanker or two.

On the island itself, the Japanese throw themselves at our beachhead like madmen, and take losses that amount to 40% of all the troops who attacked!

Pushing inland costs us, but we do destroy an enemy unit, and they have still taken more casualties than we have.

Another planes impacts onto the Queen Elizabeth.

We continue to fight on Ambon.

Our first push on Saumlaki goes well.

I enjoyed today, but I doubt that the Japanese did. We gained two hundred and fifty points on the Japanese, too out over a 140 planes for the loss of twenty of our own, and sank a good number of ships.

These six are just the confirmed ones for the day as well. Iwo-jima should be mine soon, but I can see a few busy days ahead of us.