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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 826: Operational Report: 11/03/44

The Shad hits another freighter.

The Japanese send in a massive force of bombers. They even have a number of fighters, which may mean a carrier in the area.

These of course go right for the suicide option.

They then send in some lighter planes.

I do wonder why my carriers are sending so many planes to protect the bombers, when the invasion force to the south is getting hammered.

My bombers hit Japan once more, but I need to rest them up to repair the bulk of them.

At the end of the day, the Shad pops up again to finish off his target from the morning.

The battle for Iwo continues on, but I think I may need the next wave of tropops to arrive to clear the place out.

The Japanese lose a large number of men in today's KIAfeng attack.

I wish the Japanese at Ambon would surrender.

The men at Saumlaki are doing well, and the base will soon be mine.

Owch, that was a painful day, but with those plane losses, its not likely they will be able to do it more than another day or so. Then again, our defences have been crippled as well.

Can we take a couple more days of this?