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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 828: Operational Report: 13/03/44

Prome is hit once more.

We sweep a few fighters from the skies.

I take no Kamikaze attacks here, but I do hate the continuous shock attacks in island attacks.

I reactivated the Truk bombers, but is seems they don't want to go bomb Guam.

I wonder why?

They do spread the damage around however, which mounts up.

Although we lose some bombers.

Oddly, this seems to work up to a point.

The QE picks up some more hitch-hikers.

The Japanese loose a load of men at Kaifeng, Tomorrow I shall order an attack to see if I can start to crack them.

Thank god we didn't see many Japanese planes over Iwo. The next wave of the invasion force, which for some reason is so much slower than the other, should arrive tomorrow. Japanese plane losses continue to be really high.