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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 83: Operational Report: 27/02/42

The Skipjack makes a surface attack on a Japanese freighter, getting four good hits in with its deck gun before retiring.

Soerabaja is raided again, and a sub hunter is sunk, in the air we trade a P400 for a Zero.

Sumatra is bombed again today. The runway is further cratered by the bombs, but its been in ruined for a few days now.

To the north, Medan is also raided, and its empty airfield is hit hard.

At Palembang, the enemy have been landing troops for days now, but they finally make their first attack today, with little real effect.

The Marshall Islands assaults continue, and Eniwetok gets another pasting from the ships of our navy.

While the men on the ground struggle to prise the enemy from their defences.

Outside of Canton, the enemy continue to shift our men from the opposite side of the river, as they have done for months now, but today is a major push, but the boats they Japanese use make for easy targets, and heavy losses ensue.

For a third day the relentless Japanese Army trade their men's lives for lines of trenches and pillboxes. While it may be costly for them, its working, and at this rate, the city will fall in a few days.

Finally, a quiet day. I need one of these to try and rest up my pilots, and at least there were no Battleships attacks today. On the other hand, we didn't sink any either.

I've got nothing else to mention, bar moving the damaged ships from Darwin to Sidney for repairs after the long battles in the Java sea.