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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 832: Operational Report: 17/03/44

Our invasion force in the Dutch East Indies is on the move again, and they run into a Japanese sub.

I did combine the Guam bombers, but they don't seem to be listening to me. Although this is ntoa bad attack run.

Numerous attacks go in, this is the largest, and does the most damage.

On Ambon, we continue to grind down the defenders.

There is little combat in the Bonin area, but we do hit an airfield.

On the islands, the brutal attacks continue. They are wreaking my formations, and I'm going to need to rest them up to replace the losses we are taking.

Our first attack at Rangoon goes very well, maybe I can take the city this time?

deeper inland, two of our divisions fall upon a Japanese division, and cause some serious damage to it.

Burma heats up once more, but its not going to help my men at Iwo-jima, the stupid “always shock attack on landing” rule for islands has made a mockery of my units.

I need to rest them up to replace these losses, but as fresh troops keep coming ashore, I can't! There are plenty of supplies on the ships, but they are being eaten up as soon as they are put ashore, and the landing of troops is taking priority.

Thank you intelligence, I know how many men are on Iwo-Jima.

I swear I'd done this already!