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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 833: Operational Report: 18/03/44

The next invasion in the DEI beings.

We keep up the attacks on Gaum, but the damage is only slowly affecting the Japanese forces.

The Lautern forces come under attack, but we repulse it easily.

The Japanese had a day off at KIAfeng yesterday, but their back in action today.

Today's pointless attack at Iwo is not to costly, maybe I can start rebuilding from here. There were no air attacks today, which surprised me.

The attack on Rangoon goes well again.

Toungoo falls to our forces today, and I shall push these units south towards Pegu.

Things are slacking a bit, barring the large numbers of troops unloading in places. The Japanese air force is quiet, which may mean they are redeploying them.