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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 837: Operational Report: 22/03/44

The planes of the Natoma Bay deal with the first wave of planes to attack out forces.

My northern bombers have replaced their losses, and get back into action today, with a rather good showing.

The Japanese submarine threat is still there. They have lost some subs, but not all of them.

The attacks on Prome continue.

We sweep Pegu with some of the newly arrived fighters. I now have five squadrons in Rangoon.

Rangoon makes a large difference to my ability to defend the airspace in southern Burma though.

They do well, but I need more planes still – unfortunately, I need more support crews before I can properly lock down the area.

The Japanese make another attack at KIAfeng, losing a lot of squads for relatively low troop losses. Their AV continues to drop.

Burma was the busy zone today, the Japanese have so many planes there, I desperately need more of my own.

Work on Iwo-Jima's Mulberry harbour is continuing apace.