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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 847: Operational Report: 01/04/44

Things are beginning to look a little sad over Rangoon.

I clear a few Japanese units out from the Pegu area. These two Indian Divisions will now help with the invasion of Indochina.

Apparently, a smaller group of Liberators is a more accurate group of Liberators.

We make another pass at Guam. There are definitively less fighters here.

I make a shock attack at Lautem, reducing the Japanese defences before I decide that its time to definitively rest my men.

My moves to surround KIAfeng continue.

Tum ti tum. You guys forgiven me for the Alabama yet?

You know what, say what you want about me consigning thousands of Americans to graves in the volcanic dust,

Say what you want about my repeated losses of battleships and now CVE's, with 58 ships lost to the Japanese 28 ships. (A difference of 750 points.)

You cant take one fact from me.

This month I took Rangoon, and closed the gap on the Japanese by 2,600 points.

Also of interest is the losses in planes, which doubled to 1,116 Japanese and 650 Allied planes. The Japanese Kamikaze raids are costing them a huge number of planes.

Lets hope April goes as well.