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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 848: Operational Report: 02/04/44

The Japanese switch to night bombing over Rangoon, which turns out to be very effective.

Of course, we still see some daylight runs.

I try and sneak a supply force into Akyab, but the Japanese detect it and come in low. Terminally Low.

We clear out Bassien with some Auzzies.

The Japanese have moved a wing of Zero's to Sappero, but our brave bombers trade losses with them and still make it to the target.

The enemy attacks our rearguard forces on Iwo-Jima.

The Japanese forces continue to collapse at Lautem. The loss of the fortifications is going to hurt them more.

Well, you have a generally good day, and then the Kamikazes come along and wreak it.

In my defense, they have been there two days with no problems, but the Japanese scouts must have spotted them and decided to ruin my day.