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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 849: Operational Report: 03/04/44

With the Rangoon runway ruined, the Japanese are targeting the port now.

The Japanese stop my advance south towards Moleman.... I mean Moulmein, but at terrible cost.

Why do you keep crashing into my ships! Are your pilots really that bad?

At least the ground battle is sorted now. Just need to keep on attacking.

I take Anyang, which means that KIAfeng is now surrounded. Its time to start the elimination of the troops trapped there.

Another large army is about to get annihilated in China over the next few weeks. This is tinged by the fact that the ships have left Iwo-jima, leaving 6,200 of men behind. This is a bitter pill, but there was nothing for it, we lost to many ships to suicide bombers.